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I’ve released a song about a year ago (as quoted then – i released it randomly, like with no reason beyond o above).

It’s been a while now, and i got so many feedback on the song, enormous amount of messages, enormous amount of clips where the song is being played, at Chuppu’s, Kumzitz’s and more, so decided to go on another journey (actually not such a long one) and release some more music.

So here’s my newest song “Loi Neida”, again, Composed by Motti Gantz, and it was produced by both of us (so much fun to have 2 producers work on one song ;), Shimon Strohli made a real fantastic job on the arrangement, and yet Yanky Cohen did his magic again this time.

💭 Right, you’re listening to the song now? Yeah, i know….These Vocals….kind of insane…….. 💭

I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
You can always let me know your feedback by reaching out to me via this link: http://wa.link/l5j5zq

Wanna know updates? Here are social links, you can follow them: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/yossishickofficial/
Coming to all major streaming platforms very soon.
Composed by Motti Gantz
Arranged by Shimon Strohli
Vocals Recorded @ Upbeat Haven Studios, Monsey NY
Engineered by Motti Gantz
Mixed by Yanky Cohen
Mastered by Yaniv Balas
Cover Art by Mordechai @ Arrange It Media
PR & Digital Media by Yisroel Rosen @ Bafront Media Israel

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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