Makdim Health Panel – Dr. Aaron Z. Tokayer – Dr. Eli Inzlicht-Sprei – Dr. David Sherman – July 18 2023


Makdim was founded with the goal of saving lives, one health screening at a time. The organization seeks to raise awareness of the importance of health screenings while emphasizing the life-saving benefits of early disease detection and takes a unified approach to tackle low levels of health screenings within the Boro Park community.

The Health Panel includes Dr. Aaron Z. Tokayer, professor of medicine/gastroenterology at Maimonides Medical Center; Dr. Eli Inzlicht-Sprei, internal medicine, medical doctor, Premium Health Center; Dr. David Sherman, internal medicine, cardiovascular disease at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

The evening was moderated by Dr. Shimsi Zimmerman, Medical Director at Chevra Hatzala and Centers Health Care.

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