“Refoeinu” Featuring Shea & Avrumi Berko, Yedidim Choir, A. Berko Production


A beautiful performance played at the Hatzolah of Boro Park’s annual Chanukah Party. This heartwarming musical composition was composed by Yossi Green, arranged by Moishe Laufer, and sung by Avraham Fried.
Enjoy a rendition of this piece arranged by A. Berko Production, performed with Shea Berko and Yedidim Choir.

Piano: Avrumi Berko
Drums: Norbet Goldberg
Bass: Shloime Spielman
Guitar: Motti Feldman
Trumpet (1): Ben Holmes
Trumpet (2): Tony Goruso
Saxophone: Sargai
Trombone: Danny Flam
Strings: Stanislov and Co.

Live Sound: B. Y. Holtzler
Stage Manager: H.M. Miller

Mixed by: Avrumi Berko

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