Rogers Park – Chelm [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Welcome to Chelm!
The city of fools, where music meets laughter.
We hope you enjoy this silly tale and share your Chelm moments with the world.

Video created by: Yosef & Mordy
Filmed & edited by: Atara Wolf
Production assistance by: Mendel Laine
Animations: Mordy (again)

Special thanks to Goldschein’s Homestead for their beautiful grounds and support.

Special thanks to the Hott & Oberlander Families (Chevele)

Song written by Rogers Park Band
Song produced by: Matt Dougherty – Side Door Studios
Vocal recorded at: Uptop Studios, NY – Hillel Kapnick

If you are looking to travel to Chelm, reach out to Bennish Travel for stupendous service.
No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

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