Rogers Park – Harninu [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Filling the void for popular Yiddish Content. Our rendition of a Chabad melody about optimism.

Concept and Directed by: Yosef Peysin and Mordy Kurtz
Filmed and edited by: Atara Wolf

Bass Guitar: David Forman
Violin and Mandolin: Ruby Harris
Produced by: Matt Dougherty – Side Door Studios
Recorded at: Command Space Audio – Chicago, IL
Vos Zul Men Zurgen
“Why should we worry”

Vos Vet Zein Morgen
“What will be tomorrow”

Az Der Shenker Vet Duch Burgen
“When the debtor comes to collect”

Es Meg Duch Zein
“It might well be”

Bronfen Uder Vein
“Brandy or Wine

Nemen Mir A Kelishke Arein
“Let’s take it into our cups!”

Harninu Goyim..

“One day all the nations of the world will lift us up, those that suffered will be avenged, and those that oppress us will be no more”

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