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Chasdei Lev, a non-profit organization which helps Rabbeim and their families enjoy their Yomim Tovim with the financial menuchas hanefesh which they so deserve, partnered up with some amazing musical talent to release a beautiful new song in time for Purim. ⁣

Composed by Yitzy Waldner, with lyrics by Hershy Weinberger. We brought in the incredible Shmueli Ungar to sing on this House of Music production, “Kol Hamelamed”.⁣

Enjoy this new track, and make sure to go to: for more information.
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Produced by Yechiel Schron
Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Naftali Schnitzler
Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by Hershy Weinberger
Vocals recorded at House of Music


Shmueli Ungar PR: Sruly Meyer IG: @SrulyM

Shmueli Ungar – For bookings call or What’sApp:
718-475-1111 –

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