Shoshanas Yaakov- Satmar (R’ Lipa Lajosh Z”L) – Shira ft. Mendy H & Yingerlech


When Brooklyn Jewry gathered for a special event to benefit Chesed of Williamsburg, they were treated to a spellbinding live performance of Shoshanas Yakov, a complex piece of kaleidoscopic musicality by the late, legendary composer R’ Lipa Lajosh Z”L.

Watch as Shira’s skilled maneuvering meshes with the sweet, cherubic voices of the Yingerlech children’s choir, conducted by the inimitable R’ Shiya Rosen.

In perfect harmony and with counterbalancing beauty, this vocal philharmonic explores the song’s fluid dynamism across multiple scales and modes. Tempos ebb and flow, all in flawless time.

Rounding out this performance is none other than the masterfully orchestrated Sababa Band, led with studio-grade accuracy by the one and only Mendy Herskowitz.

Happy Purim!

Produced by:
Shraga F. Gold, Shira

Song composed by:
R’ Lipa Lajosh Z”L

Music arranged by:
Avremi G

Performed live by:
Shira & Yingerlech

Music Conducted by:
Mendy Hershkowitz

Choir arranged & conducted by:
Yoely Horowitz/Shira
Shiya Rosen/Yingerlech

Music by:
Sababa Band

Mixed by:
V-Gold Beat Productions

Video Capture by:
Motty Engel

Video edit by:
Insight Studio

Lightning and Projection by:
Eagle productions, Shaya Adler

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