Simcha Shain – Hatzalah’s Angel in The Air


In this week’s episode we have the privilege of hosting Simcha Shain, a remarkable individual whose life story is truly inspiring. Simcha, a Lakewood native, always had a deep passion for emergency medical services. He joined the Howell First Aid in 1993 which was a stepping stone for Simcha to become an essential part of Hatzalah in various cities, including Lakewood, New York, and United Hatzalah in Israel. Simcha a;so founded ParaFlight Aviation, an airflight business, to assist people in serious medical need.

In 2007 Simcha co-founded Lakewood’s Hatzalah paramedic program. But that’s not all—Simcha’s heartwarming dedication extends to volunteering at Chai Lifeline’s Camp Simcha every summer, supporting Lakewood’s Special Children’s Center, and accompanying groups to Israel.

Join us as for an inspiring and heartwarming episode of dedication, compassion, and the power of making a difference.

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