Sruly Green – Birchas Hedyit Acapella | ברכת הדיוט


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Birchas Hedyit
ברכת הדיוט
Sruly Green

Chazal teaches us of the incredible power of Hashem’s blessing being delivered through the Birkat Kohanim—when the kohanim bless us. They bring down Hashem’s presence into our lives and give us protection from Heaven over all that we do.

But there’s something you may not have known: every single Yid has the power to bless their brothers and sisters! Chazal tells us to never discount the power contained within every Yid… and that includes what’s contained within YOU! Share a caring word, a smile, or a kind thought. Share your blessings with the world!

אל תהי ברכת הדיוט קלה בעינך
מגילה טו ע”א

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