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TYH Nation Presents
Tachlis, What’s My Avoda?
with HaRav Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita & Yakov Wohlgelernter

Episode 4: What’s the Avoda of War?
In this episode of “Tachlis, What’s my Avodah”, we get to hear from Reb Yussie Zakutinsky about something that is sure to be on everyone’s mind. How should religious Jews process the current situation in the world?

It is a time of many questions and Reb Yussie is insightful and practical in talking about these very key ideas.

We discuss the following topics:
* How to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety of the current situation
* How to maintain a sense of connection to Hashem in trying times
* How to find meaning and purpose in the midst of suffering

We hope you enjoy and can gain from these ideas.


HaRav Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita is the Rav of Khal Mevakshei Hashem, in Lawrence NY and a major Mashpia on the lives of all who know him and learn from him. He always encourages his talmidim to recognize the deeper and hidden element of life. He teaches that all of our experiences are lessons in Avodas Hashem, and that even in the regular everyday moments, we have to constantly be asking what’s my avoda? What does HASHEM require from me? Listen in as Yakov Wohlgelernter and Reb Yussie explore various areas of life through this perspective. Each episode will examine different aspects of everyday life and help us uncover the meaning and beauty within them.

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