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Shmueli Ungar is an American singer, songwriter and entertainer in the contemporary Jewish religious music industry. He was originally part of Shira Choir, but eventually left the group to progress his career as a solo artist.

In this episode, Shmueli discusses his life and a few challenges he had along the way. We talk about the stigma of divorce, losing a parent at a young age, weight struggles and how his twins were born at 26 weeks.
We get a great glimpse into the chasidishย and Jewish music world. Shmueli is a breath of fresh air – no wonder why he’s starting his own podcast.


This episode is in memory of:
โ€ข Shimon Dovid ben Yaakov Shloima
โ€ข Miriam Sarah bas Yaakov Moshe
โ€ข Simcha Berel Dovid ben Avraham Moshe

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