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Yossi Toiv, known professionally as Country Yossi, and his best friend Heshy Walfish are American Orthodox Jewish composers, singers, radio show hosts, authors, and magazine publishers.

Country Yossi is by nature a composer and singer in the Jewish music genre and Heshy is the music playing and logistics manager. Toiv to his credit three albums as members of the group Or Chodosh (“New Light”) circa 1971–73, and together they have seven albums under the name Country Yossi and the Shteeble Hoppers, and a series of six albums for children called Kivi and Tuki.

They also released “Country Yossi’s Classic Calls” a humorous collection of actual on-air phone calls to his radio show.

Their journey is quite a tale and the way the two used each of their talents to work together is inspiring.

You can see more of their epic work here:



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