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Abie Rotenberg is a prolific Orthodox Jewish musician, composer and entertainer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been producing music since the mid-1970s with a style which has been described as “soft and sweet” with a strong folk influence.

Rotenberg grew up in Queens, New York, surrounded by other up and coming religious Jewish musicians, including Eli Teitelbaum, who directed the first Pirchei boys choir, as well as Rabbi Baruch Chait and Label Sharfman who attended yeshiva with him. Rotenberg studied piano and taught himself guitar at a young age.

Rotenberg has also been a main fixture of the annual HASC: A Time for Music concerts. He has produced a children’s audio series called the “Marvelous Midos Machine” comprising four volumes, with all original material.

He has produced: D’veykus, Aish, Journeys and A LOT more.

Most consider him to be the most influential jewish composer in our time.


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