The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Navigating Israel’s Ties with the US [With Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin]


Israel’s relationship with the United States is said to be at “an all-time low.” People who care about this vital alliance are shocked; almost at a loss. Is this the first time the Israel-US relationship soured?

Diving into the root of the issue, the Rebbe tackles the problem, and we think those who care about Israel, and the world in general, want to hear about it. JEM’s Executive Director, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, weaves together talks, conversations, and private conversation to present a path forward for Israel.

00:00 Unprecedented Crisis?
00:40 History Repeats
01:26 More Examples
03:20 Pre-Oslo Efforts
05:27 Handling the Relationship
05:49 The Foundation
06:17 Two Bad Outcomes
07:21 The Physics of Pressure
07:40 The US Needs a Strong Israel
08:35 How not to Jeopardize
09:49 The Only way to Remove the Pressure
10:30 More Insights into the Relationship
11:26 Pressure Flows to the Weakest Point
12:40 State Department Pressure
13:30 How to Make Security Decisions
14:33 Who NOT to ask
15:05 1957 – Looking Back at One Mistake
16:30 Where Nature and Miracles Intersect
17:48 A Happy Ending

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