Torah Medley – Shea Kaller – Bentzy Weberman – Shira תורה מעדלי – יושע קאלער – בנציון וועבערמאן


Shea Kaller has recently formed a band of young, very talented musicians, to bring new music and arrangements the Jewish world has yet to hear.
Sit back and enjoy this magnificent medley, a performance of Torah songs, renewed and sung by the talented Bentzy Weberman and The Shira Choir. Bentzy is well known for his beautiful voice and unique talent having the ability to connect with a crowd with his warmth and love for rhythm and music. The breathtaking harmonious energy, combined with the most powerful musical philharmonic symphony, will elevate these melodies to a whole new level.

Video Credits

Music by: Shea Kaller Band
Arranged by: Shea Kaller
Sung by: Bentzy Weberman
Choir by: The Shira Choir
Arranged & Conducted by: Yoely Horowitz
Live Sound: Stellar Productions
Live Engineer: Baba Buerger
Mixed by: V-Gold Beat Production 917-854-0280
Video by: Motty Engel – Engel Studios
Video Editing: Ari Levy – On Dot Studios
Lighting by: GW Lighting
Stage Manager: Gedalya Weiser
Venue: The New Imperial
Project Coordinator: Yisachar Ber Orgel
Post Production: Shmiel Yitzchok Meisles
Vocal Production: Gershy Schwartz – Edgware Studios
Write Up: Shmiel Hersh Miller
Thumbnail: Leiby Fasten
Special thanks to the enrire Imperial team, Hersh Meilech & Mordechai Orgel, Yoely Breuer, Volvy Weinstock
Extra Special thanx to Yisachar Ber Orgel, Moishy Breuer, Gedalya Weiser

Song Credits

Song 1 – Burech Hu Elokeinu – Sung by Avrum Fried on the Yankel Yankel album

Song 2 – Vayehi Binsoa – Composed by Yossi Green Sung by Lipa Schmeltzer

Song 3 – Yomam Velayla – Composed by Gideon Levine, Lyrics & Sung by Lipa Schmeltzer

Song 4 – Torah Tavlin – Composed by Yerachmiel Begun, Sung by Miami Boys Choir

Song 5 – Torah Tzivah – Sung by Yeshiva Boys Choir

Song 6 – Torah – Sung by Avrum Fried on his album Ah Mechaya

Song 7 – Hu Yiftach – Composed by Moshe Laufer Sung by Yaakov Shwekey

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