V’zakeini Feat. Eli Marcus, Yedidim, A Berko productions וזכינו – אלי מרקוס, ידידים, א. ברקו


A beautiful song, talented performers, master musicians are sure to enrapture a crowd. Composed by R’ Yankie Kryman, and performed by Eli Marcus together with the Yedidim choir and A Berko productions in a melodious blend. Together they enamored the crowd at the event with their synchronized harmonies.


Composed by: R’ Yankie Kryman
Sung by: Eli Marcus

Music mixed and arranged by Avrumi Berko
Yeddim Choir lead by Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Vedio by: Motty Engel
Video Editing: Leiby Weider: Studio62

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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