Zaka Volunteers Sing Acheinu at Kosel | מצמרר, שירת אחינו כל בית ישראל ברחבת הכותל ע”י מתנדבי זק”א


In a moment both heartbreaking and heartwarming, Zaka volunteers gathered at the Kosel on Thursday night to daven and pay tribute to the victims of the Hamas terror attacks against Israel.

Standing in a semi-circle in the shadow of Klal Yisroel’s greatest tragedy, the Churban Bais Hamikdash, they lit candles formed into the number 1,350 – the amount of innocents murdered by Hamas – and sang “Acheinu,” praying to the Hakadosh Baruch Hu to shield them and all of Klal Yisroel in the face of the ongoing unprecedented threats to their lives.

Additionally, the Zaka volunteers and others at the gathering recited Tehillim for the Refuah of the thousands who have been injured in the Hamas attacks, and were led by Kosel Rav Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz in saying a Tefillah for the safety of the IDF.

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