Avi Schnall – The Name You Must Know in the Upcoming NJ Assembly 30th District Elections!


Meet Avi Schnall, a name every Lakewood resident must know in the upcoming election! Avi is running for the New Jersey Assembly in the 30th district with the Majority party, and he’s here to make a difference. For years, we’ve been wondering why our fellow Yidden in New York have better representation on a state level, and now is the time for us to change that!

Regardless of your party affiliation, Avi needs your support. Every single registered voter aged 18 and over can make a difference in this election. Early voting will be available throughout the entire week, so there’s no excuse not to participate. Let’s unite and vote for Avi Schnall to address our statewide issues as soon as possible.

Join us in supporting Avi, and together, we can bring the change our community deserves. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference – vote for Avi Schnall!

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