Captain Rabbi Ephraim Travis, the Orthodox Jew who Fought in Iraq


TYH Nation Presents – The Tikun Olam Podcast hosted by Yaakov Galen

Ep 3. Captain Ephraim Travis

Did you know that there are Rabbis in the US army?

I got the chance to sit down with Captain Travis

He is a US Army retired veteran who was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Rabbi Travis is a light who has taken on the mission of Tikun Olam and embodies the essence of what it means to be a Jew in the world.

In honor of Veterans Day, which has just passed.

Enjoy this conversation as he talks about his experience being Jewish in the US Army and his time in Iraq.

While we can’t all fight on the front lines and we may feel that we can’t offer much- we can do our part by focusing on our personal missions – fixing our world – the power in that is eternal.


Tikun Olam means fixing the world. It is understood that an important part of being Jewish is being a part of a dynamic and constant fixing of the world.

How do we go about fixing such a vast world in which our sphere of influence is most definitely limited?

The premise of the interviews and conversations contained in this podcast is that to fix the world is to fix one’s self. With each unique guest we hear the stories of people who are utilizing the talents that G-D gave them and the interests that they have developed to journey through life.

We explore life with Jews who are busy doing big things in big ways but are especially focused on being true to themselves and living out their own personal Tikun Olam.

Always be fixing.

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