David Rosenberg – Cultivating Connections – New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance

David Rosenberg - Cultivating Connections; Founder of the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance

In this week’s episode, we are joined by David Rosenberg from Toms River. He is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance.

David is a native of Union City, NJ, who grew up with a burning passion for politics. Over the years, David has cultivated deep relationships with government officials at the state, county, and township levels across New Jersey. His dedication and networking prowess have not only connected people but also opened doors for numerous Jewish businesses. Join us as we explore David’s fascinating background, his tireless efforts to foster connections, and the impact he’s had on the Jewish business landscape in New Jersey. This is the story of how one individual’s unwavering commitment and dedication to the Jewish business community can create a significant impact.

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