Discovering our Purpose in Life – Charlie Harary


With everything going on in the world, we find ourselves asking โ€œwhy are we alive? What is our purpose?โ€

There is a common and beautiful question we can ask ourselves to help us discover our purpose:

How do I use what I have (resources, knowledge, challenges) to help other people?

But most people are so busy looking for a huge cosmic, macro โ€œlife project,โ€ when most probably your purpose is right in front of you.

So today, look at your life and ask yourself, where are you needed? Who in your life really needs you? Your child? Your spouse? Is there a mitzvah in front of you? A person?

Donโ€™t look for a big important job. Look at whatโ€™s in front of you today, and how you can take care of that with the most energy, enthusiasm, and holiness!

Thatโ€™s how you find your purpose!

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