DOVID LOWY- Bereshit Olam(Cover) [Unplugged Session #2]דוד לעווי- בראשית עולם


As promised- I’m back with another unplugged session- Bereshit Olam, a cover of Shlomie Shabbat’s well know chuppah song. It was a pleasure to work with and feature the legendary guitarist and band leader- Menachem Herman!
I would like to dedicate this song to all the חתנים וכלות during this busy wedding season- who are getting married under the difficult situation of Covid-19 that is upon us.
On a deeper note- I also felt it was appropriate to release this song at this time as the famous holiday of Tu Ba’v approaches- a day that is known for matchmaking. The ultimate matchmake is the one between us and our Father in heaven- as he chose us to be His nation. How fortunate we are!

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