Drone Video: Inside the 770 Tishrei Tent in Crown Heights


Watch: Photographer Muli Berger used a drone to capture the bustling action that is happening daily during Tishrei in the 250-foot tent in front of 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights.

770 Eastern Parkway is more than an address. Its a destination for the thousands of guests who spend Tishrei in Crown Heights. At the same time, 770 remains a hub for Crown Heights locals who may be looking for a Minyan at any time.

As Lubavitch grows, the crowds at 770 do too. During Tishrei, its simply impossible for everyone to be in 770 at once. And that’s where the tent was born.

Spanning 250 feet, the fully air-conditioned tent serves as an expansion for the overflow crowd during Tishrei. With 60 daily Minyanim, a place of Davening and learning has been created.

Video by – Muli Berger

Check out his social media and feel free to reach out at Bergermuli@gmail

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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