Hershy Rottenberg – Nirtzu (Mein Lidel Melody) | ’הרשי רוטנברג – נרצה, בסדרה ‘מיינלידל


As I entered the studio with my colleague Duvid Fink, just moments before Yom Tov, we felt compelled to share something special. We decided to record a new song and add it to the MeinLidel series, as a small yet meaningful gift for all those who appreciate our music. Despite its short length, the song carries a powerful message and is set to an upbeat and lively tune that is sure to bring joy to all those who hear it. We are excited to share the newest addition “Nirtzu” and hope it brings Joy & Happiness thru Yom Tov and all time.

The song evokes the emotion a person feels after completing the Seder, expressed through “Nirtzu.” Despite fulfilling all the Mitzvos of the Seder Nacht, there’s a lingering sense that something is missing. The lyrics express a longing for redemption, to have the opportunity to re-experience the Seder Nacht together in Yerushalayim. It’s a sentiment that resonates with many, and the song captures this feeling in a poignant and heartfelt way.

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