How Jews View Money Differently Than Everyone Else – Rabbi Simon Jacobson


What is money? How does Judaism view money? Does it view it differently than the rest of the world?

Rabbi Simon Jacobson has enlightened millions of people across the world with his genius insights and eloquent words on practically everything Judaism has to offer.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Rabbi Jacobson (yes, he is Rabbi YY’s brother) to discuss Eli’s burning money questions.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro
00:45 Who is Rabbi Simon Jacobson?
01:18 What is Money?
03:19 Money: Physical or Spiritual?
09:31 Self-Worth is not Net-Worth
14:36 Colel Chabad
16:25 How to Avoid the Dangers of Money
21:08 Having a Vision for Your Money
26:06 Preparing for the Challenges of Wealth
29:55 Twillory
32:13 Grabbing the Opportunity – Lubavitcher Rebbe
34:46 The Rebbe’s View on Money
40:22 More Trust = More Money
40:48 Wealth Can be a Blessing
43:31 The Donors Fund
45:53 Dreaming of Being Wealthy
52:23 The World Tapping into Judaism’s Wisdom
55:52 How to Connect with the Rabbi-
58:08 Thank You Rabbi Jacobson
58:50 Outro


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