2 IDF Soldier’s Raw Account from the War Zone


As Israel defend’s its country and attempts to get back the 200 hostages from Hamas, I sat down with two really incredible soldiers to hear about what they have seen during the war.

Arky Staiman is a tour guide when it’s not war and he’s been the voice of light for the nation:

Rudy Rochman is a Jewish Israel rights activist with millions of followers across social media platforms. Rudy’s work primarily focuses on shifting the global, ideological, and political conversations regarding the Jewish people and Israel, uniting sectors of Israeli society, locating and bringing awareness to the disconnected Tribes of Israel worldwide, creating space for Israelis and Palestinians to unite and transcend their conflict, and generating innovative ways of combating antisemitism.


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  1. thank you so much Mr. Yaacov Langer for all these great podcasts/videos. tzke le mitzvot. i live in israel and 4 of my sons and one son in law are in the army now. please ask all your viewers to daven for them and for all the soldiers. menachem zvi , baruch yehuda, yochanan, david the sons of channah rachel and my sons in law, elisha yosef ben osnat and chia ben levana. thank you so much

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