Parshas Noach – Doing the Impossible is Natural


Doing the Impossible: G-d Sends Miracles

G-d gave Noach an impossible task- to build a ship the size of a football field and a half. And put all the animals in it.

Why did G-d have to make it so impossible?

Because God is teaching us a lesson. “I’m going to put impossible in front of you.”

It’s impossible to survive in exile for 2000 years.

It’s impossible to rebuild the state.

It is impossible to rebuild a world after the Holocaust.

It’s impossible to deal with this tragedy.

It’s naturally impossible.

G-d wants only one thing. Put in your full effort.

“You’re under the bench. I’m putting more weight than you can handle. I need you to push it as hard as you can with every bit of your strength.

And I’ll do the rest through a hidden miracle or through a revealed miracle.”

God is giving us the recipe of how we survive in this world.

If you look at the miracle of the Jewish people, it’s not God splitting seas in front of us. It’s God operating through us. And whatever each of us is going through, if it seems impossible, that’s normal. Just engage in it. Push yourself to the max. Try your hardest. And if it’s supposed to be, God will fill it in with a miracle.

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