JEM Presents: How Israel can Achieve Complete Victory and Lasting Peace | The Lubavitcher Rebbe


The safety and security of the Jews in Israel was an issue the Rebbe addressed thoroughly and passionately over the course of many decades.

Using videos of the Rebbe himself, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, director of JEM, examines the Rebbe’s extensive guidance on Israel’s security, and how it all comes together into a cohesive, actionable strategy.

*The Tefillin Campaign*
Story of launch, Summer, 1967:
How To:

*Children Studying Torah*
Unknown story of the leadup to the Yom Kippur War

*Letter in the Torah Scroll*
Story of launch (video — microdonation):
Purchase a Letter, Adults:
Purchase a Letter, Children:

00:00 the Rebbe and Israel
02:28 Mitzvot = Security
03:20 3 Key Mitzvot
07:44 The Rebbe’s Three Pillars
08:05 1. Deed to the Land of Israel
12:33 2. Self Defense 101
16:57 3. Humility
17:40 From God to Man… and Back
18:35 Don’ts
21:05 Action Items

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Mrs. Rivkah Slonim
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