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Things have changed in our community.

It is no longer the case that only a small subset of families cannot make ends meet. The true numbers are staggering and undeniable.

โ€œBut what can be done?โ€

This question is being asked louder and louder with every passing day. It is impossible to provide help to everyone when the need is so vast and the number of available givers continuously dwindling.

Only a solution to the underlying problem can take us forward.

And that is the mission before us today.

The acclaimed RSK organization has undertaken the difficult but vital task of facilitating a shift in focus within the community towards financial clarity and responsibility.

In a mission spearheaded by forward-thinking businessmen and laymen, families who have fallen behind are now able to access financial coaching and career guidance that helps them create a reasonable budget, earn an income to match it, and get out of the rut theyโ€™re in.

This mission has already transformed the fortunes of thousands of families, but thousands more are waiting! And all of us have the opportunity and responsibility to lift a family out of darkness โ€” for good.

This RSK initiative indeed puts families on the road towards self-sufficiency โ€” the goal is to see them take matters into their own hands. But until they can do so often requires assistance to stop the bleeding and keep them afloat until the time comes when theyโ€™re ready to swim on their own.

To meet the growing demand, The Mission campaign has been launched, a joint effort that will see the community lend a hand towards this vital undertaking. By adopting a family and helping them find the light, donors will do their part to turn the tide and bring about a healthier future.

Today, we encourage you to support the one tzedakah that will bring an end to the further need for tzedakah and one that will empower a family with dignity and strength.

Arm yourself before the Yom Hadin with the tzedakah that the Rambam describes as the greatest of them all!

Do it for these families โ€” and acquire a zechus for your own.

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