He Lost His Father – We Surprised Him for his Birthday – Tantzers | #whataday ep. #5


I went along with the Tantzers to surprise a kid that lost his father just a few months ago.

The Tantzers made sure to find out what he loves, including which car what theme/Food/music/musician/pool/sports car.

He had the time of his life…

Since 2010, our organization expanded from dancing at weddings to a massive operation with hundreds of volunteers, creating happiness wherever itโ€™s needed most. With parties, events, retreats, hospital visits, bar mitzvahs, and, yes, many weddings, Tantzers is always on the go, planning and organizing.
But the true essence of Tantzers lies in the moments between events. Because even when guests go home, we are still a part of their lives. We are a family! Patients know they can reach out to us, and weโ€™ll be there for them in whatever way we can.
No request is too small or too big, from a private hospital visit to a gala party. Weโ€™ve traveled to Cleveland, Washington, and Boston and once arranged courtside seats at a Knicks game.
Families in medical crisis are physically and emotionally drained from their daily struggles. Tantzers parties, visits, events, and chizuk help them put aside their pain to recharge and refresh.


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