Yoni Jakubovic – Vihareinu – וְהַרְאֵנוּ


Yoni Jakubovic – Vihareinu – וְהַרְאֵנוּ

Yochi Briskman presents the phenomenal voice of Yoni Jakubovic in a new song titled Vihareinu.

Yoni Jakubovic – Vihareinu (Single)

Vocals by: Yoni Jakubovic
Produced & Arranged by: Yochi Briskman
Song Composed by: Mordechai Brezel
Mixed & Mastered by: Chaim Gottesman
Drums by: Avi Avidani
Guitars by: Avi Singolda
Bass Guitar by: Guy Dan
Keyboards by: Aviya Grinberg
Programming by: Ben Avivi
Oboe by: Amir Bekman
French Horns by: Gal Gutman
Strings by: Zmirot Symphony Group
Music Recorded at: Zmirot-Banet Studios, Bnei Brak, Israel
Music Recording Engineered by: Avi Korlanski, Moishi Shulman, & Ari Carasso
Vocals Recorded at: Le Matta Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Vocal Recording Engineered by: Eli Woznica
Graphic Design by: Yoni Weiss
Song Lyrics:
וְהַרְאֵנוּ הַשֶׁם אֶלֹקֵינוּ בְּנֶחָמַת צִיוֹן עִירֶךָ וּבְבִנְיַן יְרוּשָׁלַיִם עִיר קָדְשֶׁךָ
כִּי אַתָּה הוּא בַּעַל הַיְשׁוּעוֹת וּבַעַל הַנֶחָמוֹת
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