Alein – Interen Kreeg – Leiby Wieder | אליין – אונטערן קריג – לייבי וויעדער


One of the many highlights of the spectacular “Interen Kreeg” show was a beautiful, soul-stirring song that one of the characters sang. We followed his poignant journey of loss and longing in a foreign land, as he poured his heart out, seeking divine guidance in a world filled with challenges.

Touched by the overwhelming response and personal connections from viewers worldwide, and spurred by numerous requests, we’re excited to present this powerful song as a standalone video with subtitles in both English and Hebrew, inviting everyone to find comfort and inspiration in the shared language of music and emotion. Join us on a journey of hope, understanding, and the belief that even in our darkest moments, Hashem is right there guiding us through every step of the way.

Performed LIVE on the “Interen Kreeg” stage.

Preformed by: Leiby Wieder
Music by: Hershy Pavel
Lyrics written by: Yoely Brown & Leiby Wieder
Original Tune: Hanan Ben Ari – אמן על הילדים – חנן בן ארי
Filmed by: FlowMotion
Edited by: Studio62
Digital content: VisuaLive

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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