Audio: Origins of Kol Nidrei and Hataras Nedarim: Part II | Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Brodt


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This episode has been sponsored in memory of Chaim Ben Avraham

0:00: Introduction
7:30 – Why is Kol Nidrei in Aramaic
9:10 – Haunting Niggun
13:55 – Shibolei Haleket
14:58 – Bracha on Kol Nidrei
17:03 – Mysterious Origins and why wasn’t Nedarim Learned?
23:32 – Battle with Karoyim
26:00 – Rogachover and Kol Nidrei
29:00 – Early Origins of Hataras Nedarim
32:37 – Shelah Hakodesh
34:46 – Sharei Tzion
35:41 – Chayei Adam
36:05 – Kabbalah and Kol Nidrei
39:37 – Aruch HaShulchan
41:32 – Reform and Kol nidrei
42:53 – R Shamshon Refael Hirsch and Kol Nidrei
43:15 – Yiddish book defense against Christians
43:40 – Meshumodim and others describing Yom Kippur
44:17 – Debate about the Talmud Paris 1240 with R Yechiel MeParis
45:45 – R Yedidah Weil and his Yom Kippur Drashot

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