R’ Yitzchok Frankel with R’ Dovid Orlofsky Live in Flatbush #3 (Ep. 195)


On today’s live show, Rabbi Orlofsky hosts Rav Yitzchok Frankel of the Aguda of the Five Towns, to share stories of R’ Moshe Feinstein and answer questions about living in this generation.


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[00:00] Intro
[09:30] R’ Yitzchok Frankel
[58:16] Q&A 1: Productive Summer?
[1:03:30] Q&A 2: Raising Our Kids?
[1:06:17] Q&A 3: Manhig Hador?
[1:08:25] Q&A 4: Family or G-d ?
[1:12:46] Q&A 5: Raising Kids as Israelis?
[1:15:58] Q&A 6: A Push From The Rabbanim?
[1:22:32] Q&A 7: Hair Covering?
[1:24:30] Q&A 8: Going To Har Habayis?
[1:26:04] Outro
[1:27:58] Theme song


“The Rabbi Orlofsky Show Theme”
Composed and Performed by Lenny Solomon
Learn more at https://rabbiorlofsky.com/music

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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