The Lubavitcher Rebbe Unfiltered | Terrorism | Party Politics | Peace Treaties


In this passionate 1986 address, the Rebbe says it how it is. Although this was said 4 decades ago it rings truer than ever. Covering a host of subjects, including:

– The scandalous prioritization of politics over security
– The not-so-peaceful origins of the Nobel Peace Prize
– Political self-censorship leading to deadly results
– The disastrous outcomes of the Camp David Accords
– The fallacy of Israelโ€™s 1985 attack on the PLO base in Tunisia
– Israel’s political parties coercion of its members beyond Soviet extremes

And numerous other existential mistakes by Israelโ€™s leaders that never seem to go away.
Gain a fresh perspective on many time-sensitive issues in Israel.

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Dec. 16th 1985 | 4th of Tevet 5746


0:00 – Intro
1:57 – Terrorist Attackโ€ฆ Not a Coincidence!
3:31 – If This Is Peace, We Donโ€™t Want It
4:56 – The Not-So-Peaceful Origins of the Nobel Peace Prize
6:35 – Jews Shouldnโ€™t Be Scared to Walk In the Streets of Tel Aviv
7:30 – The Fallacy of Israelโ€™s 1985 Attack on the PLO base in Tunisia
9:47 – Dead Jews Are Good For the Jewish People?
11:35 – How To Deter A Terrorist
16:14 – Suppressing Information
17:55 – The Disastrous Outcomes of the Camp David Accords
19:41 – Stop Following the Same Disastrous Doctrine
23:03 – The USSR Would Be Envious of Israelโ€™s Party Politics
28:41 – โ€œTheyโ€™ll take it out by withholding funding from my institutions in Israelโ€
29:35 – Every Jew Is a Dreamer
32:15 – Broken Education System
34:01 – What Type of Democracy is This?!
35:18 – Jew Free Zones
36:47 – Conclusion

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