Why Celebrate on Lag Ba’Omer? Part ¼


In this new 4 part flash series on Lag Baomer, Charlie poses a question we may not have considered:

Why celebrate Lag Ba’omer?!?

It’s not a holiday in the traditional sense, yet it’s a day of celebration, a day which ends the mourning restrictions during the Sefira time period.

We rarely have such extended times of national mourning, and here we are mourning for Rabbi Akiva’s students we never knew! And yet, the yahrzeit of a renowned scholar, Rav Shimon ben Yochai, ends this time of mourning and has us celebrating on his day of death. What a seeming paradox!

Tune into this 4-part series to learn more about this day, its importance, and what we can learn as we return to normalcy after a time of mourning.

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