Yerushalayim MBD ירושלים מ.ב.ד Shea and Avrumi Berko and Yedidim choir, A. Berko Production


A musical production stunningly combining the talents of A. Berko, Shea Berko, and the Yedidim Choir. this masterpiece was performed at the Pasternak & Moskowitz wedding, on September 13 at the Ateres Charna Hall.

Shea Berko delivers this sensation piece, originally performed by MBD. Together with that vocal flair of the yedidim choir, and the extravagant 18 piece production, lead by Avrumi, they have managed to create a sensational melody.

Yedidim Choir arranged & led by Yoel Hersh Fuchs.
Yanky Orliansky
Shay Illowitz
Menashe Lichtenstein
Leiby Weider
Duvid Feder
Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Song performed by Shea Berko

Musical arrangements by Avrumi Berko.

Stage manager Hersh Meilech Miller

Post production by Avrumi Berko

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