Shmira Awareness Video | Protect Your Home and Family From Burglaries


What you’ve seen here in this video is based on a true story.

During the first few weeks of summer 2023, we’ve already responded to over 10 burglaries that occured in Boro Park homes.

Crimes like these happen every year during the summer months when many families head out of town, and Boro Park becomes a target for burglars and criminals who know exactly when to come and what to look for.

Therefore, it’s very important to follow through with the basic safety guidance advised by Chevra Shmira.

First and foremost, make sure all doors and windows are properly and firmly secured and locked, lights are set on a timer to turn on/off giving off the perception that someone is actually inside, and if you’re aware of any scheduled deliveries, try to have someone take it inside, and given that with most retailers you have the option to choose your delivery date, it would be in your best interest to avoid receiving deliveries altogether during the days you’re not home.

Most importantly, if you see ANY suspicious activity, do not hesitate and call our 24 hour emergency hotline at 718-871-4444.

In situations where you’re unsure if a professional second look is warranted or called for, you should definitely call us and let one of our well trained members check it out.


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