A Visit at Sales Team Six in Lakewood, NJ


We had the privilege of sitting down with Aron Hiley to dive into the world of salesmanship and how to transform the attitude of a salesman.

Hear live updates and testimonials from seasoned sales professionals across various industries as they share their success stories and how working in an environment surrounded by like-minded salespeople has supercharged their drive, passion, and sales goals. Aron Hiley himself has been a driving force behind their transformation.

Meet our guests:
🔹 Mr. Ari Roth – Running a thriving freight business
🔹 Mr. Isaac Kessler – Specializing in office and commercial building cleanings
🔹 Mr. Shulem Porgesz – Selling phone systems and internet services to offices and businesses
🔹 Mr. Mechy Lerner from “Hiring for Less,” a company that hires overseas remote workers and is seeing incredible success.
🔹 Mr. Daniel Lebowitz from the amazing “Hope Org,” providing incredible opportunities for people to donate and make a positive impact.

Discover the secrets to their success and learn how Sales Team Six and Aron Hiley are helping them achieve unprecedented sales growth.


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