Slichos: Be The Korban (Ep. 200๐ŸŽ‰)


Why do Ashkenazim Start saying Slichos on Motzai Shabbos?
Why do we have to say Slichos for a minimum of 4 days?
Rabbi Orlofsky dives deep into the topic of Slichos and answers these questions to give us the tools to start our year on the right foot and give us the means to live a better life.


This episode is sponsored by Tsipora and Shawn Karp Lโ€™illui Nishmas Yissachar Dov ben Mordechai Yosef HaKohen and Tzvi Meir ben R’ Yehuda

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[00:00] Intro
[00:24] Sponsor
[02:12] 200th EPISODE!!!
[03:09] Donโ€™t Sign A Bad Deal
[41:38] Q&A 1: Homeschooling?
[51:13] Q&A 2: Learning On Yom Kippur?
[53:49] Outro
[55:05] Theme song


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